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Consistently performs

Darcy Sen // Beiseker, Alberta

Oct 31, 2016

I have grown V12-1 for two years now. Despite the differences in the two years, this variety did well under both circumstances. It stood nice, swathed well and mostly importantly yielded in the high 50s to low 60s both years.


InVigor® L130

Big yield year!

Bev Wieben // Fairview, Alberta

Oct 25, 2016

L130 has been the biggest yield for us this year. We are impressed with it's growth, pod development and harvestability. We are planning to keep this variety in our rotation.


InVigor Health L156H

Straightcut staying power comparable to straight cut varieties

Bobby Leavins // Rosetown, Saskatchewan

Oct 09, 2016

Harvesting the L156H was a good experience for us this year. We did not do it on a large scale but had some in same field as another straight cut variety and yield and shattering were very similar for both.


DEKALB® 75-65

75-65 looks good so hope it yields as good

Jerry Firrestwipf // Rycroft, Alberta

Aug 09, 2016


InVigor® L140P


Jeith Firrest // Davidson, Saskatchewan

Aug 09, 2016

I am entering my 3rd year of straight combining all my crops, including canola. Straight harvesting canola, has decreased work load, increased yield and quality, and made harvesting a total improvement and enjoyable.


InVigor Health L156H

Big crop that fell over

Aaron Williams // Clavet, Saskatchewan

Jul 22, 2016

I was much happier with the look of the 156 this year compared to last year; it did better with more rain. It started to flower about a week or 2 before our Victory canola and was seeded around the same time. But it's stem must be weaker, a lot of it has gone down in the field. I prefer the Victory canola V-12-2 to the IH 156 variety. We have been growing them side by side for a couple years now but time will tell what is better once we start to combine.



Unbelievably large leaf area translated into higher yields than my Invigor and captured SCO premiums

Tom Boden // Camrose, Alberta

Jun 30, 2017

This RR specialty hybrid was an unbelievable yielder last year. The leaf area was huge which I believe contributed to the yield development. Even surpassed my Invigor fields and sold the crop with SCO premiums which make it even more attractive to grow.

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