As part of our Growing Series 2017 season, we’re bringing you timely agronomic advice to help you achieve your yield goals. Cargill’s agronomic advisors have been touring farm fields across Canada, searching for the next breakout star or time-tested champion. You can browse their early-season picks and see which soybean varieties and canola and corn hybrids are looking sharp this season. Along with each agronomist's pre-season and harvest picks, you can find their assessments of fields in your area through their expert blogs or follow them on Twitter through #CargillGrows

As always, we're looking for your opinions too. Are you raising the next all-star soybean variety? Have a coaching tip for a canola hybrid? Considering a new corn hybrid to build your bench? It’s easy to take part. Review your crops and browse assessments from other growers in your region. Then, come harvest, make your top picks and enter to win great prizes like agronomic services from Cargill or the champion seed of your choice. 

At Cargill, we believe greater knowledge leads to greater growth. Enjoy the series, and may the best seed win.

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